Friday, September 18, 2015

Hello Everyone!

Good evening everyone!
I hope you are all feeling great and are looking forward to a happy and hopefully sunny weekend.
I've had a busy week finding new items for the Merrylegs store and I am on a new venture looking out to buy vintage Halloween outfits and theatrical dress, some of which I will display and sell to Halloween obsessed people like myself. I do love it when the little ones dress up as ghosts and pumpkins and the little girls in witch costumes or though thinking about it, last year we had a lot of sweet little black cats! All lovely but you have to pretend to be scared, when you answer the door, the kids love it! So I guess Id better start stocking up on candy very soon! Please take a look at these wonderful  gloves on my store. Imagine the possibilities with a Victorian outfit! So signing off for now....Have a wonderful peaceful evening and much love to you all!!!!

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