Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday nights, cosy inside!

Good evening everyone!
I hope everyone is well and feeling happy tonight, Im just sitting here composing a few thoughts to share and I realise its Friday night because Ive just been to a viewing for an auction here tomorrow at the village hall, I have spotted a delightful water fountain, an inside one, I hasten to add and it is gorgeous, it has animals on, big plus! Also it looks quite vintage, so I doubt if I can sleep tonight because I really would like this item very much!!!!! So please keep your fingers crossed that Im lucky and then I will feature it on my blog and you will see just how delightful it is!!! Ive added a few photos which I took earlier on the way home from Lovely Camarthen, I hope you like, so ill say sleep well tonight, a peaceful and happy weekend I wish to you.....Much love.......Mary-rose xx
Isnt this boy handsome
Magnificent  cattle!
Spotted this unusual item earlier...the boat looks like its been beached for quite a while and strangely this is a farm!

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