Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Cosy Evening...heating on in September?

Good evening everyone!
Well strangely its a September evening and still light and yes I must admit, I do love the cosy Autumnal Evenings but really this soon? So yes the request for the heating to be on was duly answered and now I am today I have not listed any new items because Ive been cleaning and making beautiful another Rocking horse and a beautiful casa roma horse pyjama case! So tomorrow I will list these gorgeous horses, please look out for them and other vintage items
The river is below and the cross appears on the bridge
So now a treat if you like my photography, although I can not really claim this picture as mine as my lovely Christopher took these pictures on the way home from of my favourite little towns and has the nicest shops and fish and chip shop! So I hope you enjoy the photos and have a lovely peaceful evening and a wonderful nights sleep..Think Im going to seek out my onesies! Much love xx Mary-Rose
This cross on a bridge is a rarity in the United Kingdom

The cross is actually a milestone and shows distance

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