Saturday, August 1, 2015

Good morning everyone, everywhere who will just by chance see this!
Well good so far, it's not raining and secondly I'm awake of sorts, posting pictures of yesterday, another wonderful day with my fiancée! Yes I did say that, fiancee, sometimes I have to stop, take a breath that 7 months ago I was trapped in a sad disruptive relationship and now im with an angel and for the first time prayer worked for me! So here's to new beginnings and a positive way forward.
So yesterday we went to Brecon here in Beautiful Wales and to promote a wonderful concert in Brecon Cathedral on Tuesday evening. The music is to be performed by A Top Austrian Choir who will be superb, so please all welcome, should you be free and the concert is treat yourself However it did not go quite to plan as my fiancée did do most of the work while I sat in a nail bar, bliss, I have to admit.....the most difficult part, which colour!! But hey, we all deserve a little pampering and he did pay....

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